Handling your career in the TV News BUSINESS!


TV Talent Agent (TTA) clients receive a full range of professional services:


1. We Find you the Job

We are in daily contact with the television industry resources which we have established during more than 40 years of relationship building.

In addition to the public resources agents use for finding jobs, we have a full time Job Research Director whose sole task is finding openings first.

2.  We Get You Seen

This is where our background in the television BUSINESS really comes into play.  After aggressively "doing television deals" for more than  40 years, we understand it takes more than just e-mailing out your link.  We follow up. We call.  We hound if necessary.  (Usually, we just pick up the phone and call our news director friend on the other end.) But one way or the other, we don't stop until they have given you a good, fair look. 

3.  We Negotiate the Deal

We work hard to get the best offer possible, then we work harder to ensure the final deal meets your goals.

4. We Keep You Informed

From the moment you sign on with TTA through the moment you sign the contract for the job of your dreams, we stay in close touch.  We'll keep you posted on who is looking at you and what they are saying. That's our pledge to you.


1.  A News Director will judge you first and foremost by looking at your Talent Tape.  It's the single most important factor in the hiring process.

We make sure your Talent Tape is the best it can be.  Through our association with Talentapes, Inc - the premiere resume tape editing service in the Television News Industry, we will have your Talent Tape evaluated and, if necessary, edited to the highest professional standard.

2. Naturally, your printed resume must be of the same high standard as your Talent Tape.  We'll review it and edit it (if necessary) to ensure it meets that standard.

3. We will build and host a professional webpage for you.  (You can see examples by clicking on the "Clients" link above.)  Your page will have your picture, print resume and your Talent Tape in a high-quality streaming format which will play on any device.

4.  In addition to being included on the TTA "Clients" page, to increase your visibility within the Television News Industry, we will place you in the MediaLine.com "Showcase."  MediaLine is the most established TV news job bank and talent resource in the industry.  It has been used by news directors to spot talent for nearly three decades.


1.  Ironically, the strength of TTA is not our background in news - which we have - but, rather our background in management. There is a reason it is called the News Business.  Acting as your agent is the BUSINESS part.  And that is our expertise.   For the past forty years we have been instrumentally involved in the BUSINESS of Television - from Corporate Vice President to local Station General Manager.  In addition we have put three stations and one entire television news operation on the air from scratch.

You do the NEWS, we do the BUSINESS.